Social media.

Colour: White


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The media today are in charge of keeping society informed.

In situations like the one we are living in this year (2020), they ask us to remain calm and stay positive ... But how can someone be happy with so many worries? Is it wrong to be worried? Is crying bad?

The answer is no, not at all, they have wanted to make us up to the idea that you always have to have a positive attitude about everything and this is a mistake. That illusion in which social networks want us to live is nothing more than that, a simple mirage. Life is made up of various emotions and you have to accept all of them as they are. Hug yourself in the worst moments, which is when the best things come.

Cry and laugh, that is living.


100% Combed Cotton.


Round neck"T-shirt". Short sleeve. Fit fit. Curved hem. Graphic art on the front.


Before anything else, FLIP the shirt. Let the design stay on the inside.

Afterwards, you can wash it, with the following parameters:

Hand or machine wash cold at 30 ° C.
With neutral soap.
Do not use chlorine or bleach.
Do not squeeze.
Dry on the shadow.
Iron at a medium temperature of 150 ° C.
DO NOT iron on art.

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