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Colour: Black


With our new K'RETA, we are focusing on a lightweight, comfortable, adjustable and accessible product.

We know that it is not a product that you love to use, however, we consider it necessary. That is why we focus on not losing the elegance of your style.

Our K'RETA is so light and comfortable that the moment will come that you won't even remember to wear it.

Take care of yourself and forget about worrying about not being safe.


# 10-gauge acetate mask with rigid core.

Padded headband and spring adjustment.

Faux leather front finish, a combination of natural leather with synthetic fibers.


Ergonomic design.

Easy to clean.

Comfortable, lightweight with an elegant urban design.

The KRETA is not a substitute for the use of face masks, it is an additional protection, especially for the eyes.


Hand wash with a damp cloth.
• With glass cleaner, alcohol or sanitizer.
DO NOT expose to the sun for long periods of time.

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