Def. Mother

Colour: Black



¡The BEST ORIGINAL GIFT we can give to moms!

A small approximation of what it means to be a mom. Because there are not enough words to describe our mothers.


From lat. mater.


F. (1): Woman with the ability to detect the tiniest sound. (2): Able to listen to a lie before making it. (3): Motivating machine. (4): Woman with the last word, period. (5): Poop expert.

VERB. Mother

F. (1): Behind an educated child, is his mother with a flip-flop and very good aim. (2): Professional multitasker. (3): Time management expert. (4): Supreme Detective. (5): Generator of patience. (6): Psychologist. (7): Doctor. (8): CEO of the household.

ADJ. Fabulous 

F. (1): Luchona. (2): Mop. (3): Giver of kisses. (4): Loving. (5): Scold. (6): Affectionate.


(1): And if I look for it and find it, what do I do to you (2): You don't send yourself alone. (3): As long as you live in this house ... (4): Because I'm your mother, period. (5): This is not a restaurant. (6): What do you think, that I was born yesterday (7): Let's see what they do without me. (8): What does it matter to me what your friends do (9): You can't go out without a sweater. (10): When you have children, you will remember me. (11): Give me patience sir. (12): Wait for your father to arrive. (13): You are not talking to a friend on the street. (14): First and last time. (15): You are good to answer. (16): It is not said what, it is said send. (17): And who did you ask permission from (18): I told you. (19): I'm not very happy to say. (20): I love you.Te amo.


100% Combed Cotton.


Round neck "T-shirt". Short sleeve. Fit fit. Curved hem. Graphic art on the front.


Before anything else, FLIP the shirt. Let the design stay on the inside.

Afterwards, you can wash it, with the following parameters:

Hand or machine wash cold at 30C..
With neutral soap.
Do not use chlorine or bleach.
Do not squeeze.
Dry on the shadow.
Iron at a medium temperature of 150C..
DO NOT iron on art.

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