VIDANO - Nov 27 2021

Nuestras Tintas Ecol贸gicas

Existen varias tecnolog铆as para transmitir un dise帽o a la tela. Las principales son serigraf铆a, sublimaci贸n y vinil textil. Cada una tiene sus pros y sus contras, pero la mayor铆a tienen un impacto ecol贸gico; desde usar tintas a base de petr贸leo (plastisoles & pol铆meros) hasta dejar demasiado exceso de desperdicios.
En VIDANO tomamos la decisi贸n de reducir el impacto ambiental generado dentro de nuestros procesos de fabricaci贸n de nuestros productos. Una de las acciones principales para hacer esto una realidad, fue cambiar nuestra tecnolog铆a a DTG.

Las ventajas de imprimir con DTG

DTG (Impresi贸n Digital Directa) es una tecnolog铆a NUEVA que permite transmitir el dise帽o a las fibras de la tela a trav茅s de la micro dosificaci贸n. Estas son sus ventajas:

Tintas Ecol贸gicas. 
Provide useful, educational and entertaining content. Present information based on your product offering and customers鈥 problems or needs.

Personalizaci贸n. While your end goal is to sell, consider the context of your blog posts. Here, you鈥檙e a tour guide through your firm鈥檚 extended offering 鈥 not an auctioneer. Your job is to show readers how to use your firm鈥檚 products.

Hechas al Momento. Once you鈥檝e given your readers useful information in a meaningful setting, they may be interested in actually plunking down their credit card. Unfortunately, here鈥檚 where many business blogs stop. Blog editors, familiar with their company鈥檚 e-commerce site and how to find specific products, can assume readers innately know how to find the product or have the motivation to track it down. Don鈥檛 get me wrong. Some very small percentage of prospects will to go extreme efforts to find the product. Unfortunately, the rest will just leave or worse go to your competitor.

Nuestro proceso de impresi贸n nos hace 脷NICOS

To make your blog an effective sales machine, integrate your product into your content in a way that doesn鈥檛 scream BUY, BUY, BUY. Here are five steps to provide relevant information and eye-candy to lure readers in and help convert blog posts to sales receipts.

Pretratamiento. Show prospects how to use your product, give them instructions or how-tos, and/or entertain them.

Showing making procedure is a good way to guarantee product quality

Impresi贸n. Photographs and videos are particularly important because readers tend to be visual and want to see your product in action.

Get customer attention by clean visual and video

Empaque. Don鈥檛 assume customers know which item you鈥檙e talking about in your post. Provide a link directly to the product page or just link the product to your blog so they can buy if they want. If it relevant give readers more than one way to get to the product.

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